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The Pope's Encyclical

What is Laudato si'?

In 2015, Pope Francis released his second encyclical, “Laudato si’ – On Care for Our Common Home”, as a letter to the Church and to all people of good will. In it, Francis urges the world to think critically, creatively, and compassionately about the environmental and social crises we face today on a global scale.

Continuing in the Church’s long-standing tradition of reminding us how connected ecological and social justice issues are to our faith, the Pope puts forth one of the most comprehensive analyses of our current global situation. It includes many dimensions, from the scientific evidence of ecological damage, through the critique of certain philosophical fallacies that our modern society is built on, all the while pointing to a way forward with hope, through the rich tradition of Christian faith.

Using the expression of Pope John Paul II, the encyclical calls Christians to a deeper “ecological conversion,” “whereby the effects of their encounter with Jesus Christ become evident in their relationship with the world around them” (152). It also encourages dialogue among all people who share our common home to cultivate a sense of solidarity and brotherhood that can “can inspire us to greater creativity and enthusiasm in resolving the world’s problems” (220).

How can I learn more?

There are many ways to begin, or continue, this journey of ecological conversion—you could start by reading the encyclical letter, watching a summary video of it, learning more about the spirituality of St. Francis, whose Canticle of Creation inspired the encylical’s title, and much more! Here you will find a host of resources that can help you learn more about this powerful message of how to turn faith into action for the sake of our common home. 

Other resources:

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